photo credit :  chloé ramirez

photo credit : chloé ramirez

hey there, I'm kate.
mama of two, wife, soul-explorer.

it's so nice to meet you.

i live with my husband and two daughters amongst the beautiful landscape of northern california -- whether i'm walking along the foggy coastlines or being held by the untamed wilderness, my love affair with this spiritual place is endless. my journey with photography has been an ever-evolving one; the passing years have brought so many incredible people and stories into my life and i've found immense value in documenting the unscripted, messy, in-between moments. i have made it my personal mission to bring that same undeniable feeling to you, because there is magic in every day life. there is magic in vulnerability. there is magic in the complexity of human emotions. 

and do you know what?

photography means everything to me.

it's always been more than just pretty moments -- your story and the things that make you unique and feel alive inside matter. they are my passion. everything here is a reflection of my truth, the deepest part of me, and i strive to show you the deepest, most beautiful part of you, too.

“ the willingness to show up changes us, it makes us a little braver each time. "  ― brené brown