kind words

from rad humans

Kate, I am crying into my iced coffee at Heritage Bicycles. I have only gotten through me getting dressed and I had to email you, thank you, and let you know that you are the best photographer in the history of ever. You couldn't have been a more delightful addition to our day, and as far as my Dad is concerned, you're family… so we'll see you at Thanksgiving. Really though, thank you so much for capturing such a great day for us. We appreciate it more than you could ever know. -nicole

Sorry in advance social media world, you are about to get slammed with pictures Kate De La Rosa shot on our Chicago trip. I swear this woman is a miracle worker because it was the ugliest day and we were exhausted and gave up after 10 minutes. We are forever in debt to her!  Kate, how you managed to get ANYTHING from such a crummy day is a miracle (much less, images we adore). We love you. -amber

We just got back from Italy, and probably said every day that we were gone what a blast we had with you on our wedding day, so I wanted to drop you a line and say thank you. You were such a fantastic part of our day, we really couldn't have asked for a more perfect fit and just thank you thank you thank you! Our family and friends loved you and we felt so comfortable all day long. -nina

Wow!! Seriously just beautiful! I'm practically in tears from your kind words and re-living the day from your absolutely amazing photos. I can't thank you enough for flying across the country to shoot our wedding. You have such amazing talent! We are just so in love with these photos. I surely will be spending hours looking at them. Thank you again and looking forward to being aw-stuck again soon! -allison

A couple months ago Chad and I took engagement photos and I shared them with you. They're lovely and not glossy. They're the very real parts of chad and i: awkward faces and rolls and love. But there's one photo I look at every single day. It's of a painting that my father did. It was a project of ours, I painted something on the canvas originally (i hated it the final product) and he took over and painted around it, leaving bits of the original exposed. While I don't know if Kate knew what she was doing when she took that photo, I was happy to see it show up in the batch of files. -vera