around these parts

film, at home.

my heart is bursting from the inside out.

waiting for scans and having absolutely no idea if anything turned out, then... they're here. the little collection of images you challenged yourself to create. it's like christmas morning every single time and there really is no better way to describe it.

This is a glimpse into our lazy weekend mornings:
band-aids, boo-boos, tickle fights and light peeking through the bedroom window.


To the girl that made me a mama, Sofia.

I can't believe you're five! I can't believe I just registered you for kindergarten in a brand new state. And I still can't believe we're so far from home. But out of all of these things, I know that home is where your heart is... and you, my dear, are home.

A New Home For Portfolio Work

( photo from Off Switch Magazine, Vol 5 )

I've decided to separate my photography work from my personal work over on Diapers & Skinny Jeans ( I never quite felt the D&SJ name suited me professionally... something about the diapers part, I suppose ha ha ) so, you will now find my client and personal photo projects on this creative space. I'm hoping having a home for things will finally help me get a bit more organized. Thanks for following along!