spring break in southern california

We really took a proper spring break this year — like a pack your bags, get ready, we’re doing all the things kind of spring break! We’ve never really done that before and it was absolutely everything I could have dreamed of (and more!)

Our first stop was to see my sister and her boyfriend at their new place in Echo Park. Visits with my sis are never long enough. Anyone else feel that way about family? Man, it’s so amazing that we’re both in California, but I still wish we were close enough to be able to do Sunday night dinners or just be able to visit with each other more often than we do. Fingers crossed we might make that dream happen some day.

We were able to make a super quick pit stop in Newport Beach, and after our fill of sunshine, saltwater, and the prettiest acai bowls we’ve ever eaten, we made our way down to desert and nestled into our home for the weekend in Joshua Tree.

There is truly something special about the desert. I feel like that each and every time I visit. It is so magical. I feel incredibly balanced when I’m amongst the warmth of the dry heat. It wraps you up, like the coziest blanket. Wild comfort. Beautiful. Expansive.

And if that wasn’t enough, we are absolutely the worlds okayest parents ever and decided to take the girls to their first music festival — Coachella, no less. You know what?

Best. Decision. Ever.

They had an absolute blast (and we did too) and I remembered what it felt like to dance with strangers to music until the sun sets around us. What an ridiculously jam-packed whirlwind of a trip, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.


match made in heaven

film scans, san francisco, ocean beach.

my journey with film has been (a surprisingly expensive?) and time-consuming experiment. i'm constantly finding myself flowing somewhere between all of these things: patience, acceptance, and passion. i'm being forced outside of my comfort zone and can literally feel my limbs stretching and growing as an artist.

everything is familiar, yet foreign at the same time.